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Hi-Tech Sealing & Insulation Industries
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Pure PTFE Yarn Packing With PTFE Dispersion is manufactured from Pure PTFE Fibre in interlock braid with pre lubed sealing agent. It has excellent heat dissipating property and is inert to virtually all chemical media. It is a soft resilient packing with high dimensional strength & low coefficient of friction. Further, dispersion of PTFE aids in handling high pressures.

Applications: Suitable for all kind of pumps, valves, agitators, mixers, dryers, washers, refiners etc. which handles acids & alkali, Dyes and Corrosive Chemicals, Bleach, Chlorine, Paints, Foodstuffs, water, Condensate, Oils, Solvents, Caustics etc.


Technical Parameters:

Product Description: Expanded Pure Graphite interlocked braided gland packing incorporating sacrificial metal corrosion inhibitor to protect the shaft from galvanic corrosion and self generating lubrication that accommodates & aids self-adjustment on tightening. It has excellent chemical resistant capability and is highly anti-frictional, hence no fear of scoring of sleeves/plungers etc.

Service Media & Applications: Suitable for pumps and low pressure valves handling Acids, Alkalies, Solvents, Thermic Fluid, Petrochemical, Boiler Feed Water, Condensate etc.


Technical Parameters:

The packing is interlocked braided from Pure Aramid Fiber with an impregnation of break-in lubricant & incorporating special Fluoropolymer based dispersion for high degree of resiliency. This packing has very high strength & tenacity with an exceptional resistance to abrasive media. It is safe to be used in food & pharmaceutical industry.

Service Media & Applications: Extremely suitable for pumps and agitators handling sludge & sewerage in Water Treatment and ETP plants. Used for harsh media such as Molten Synthetics, epoxy resins, viscous fluids, fruit pulp, high abrasive Bleach or Wood pulp, Concrete, Ash Slurry, Mud Slurry, Fly Ash water, chemical slurries etc.


Technical Parameters:

Product Description: The Ceramic Fiber Braided Round & Square Ropes are manufactured from superior quality Ceramic fiber yarn, braided cover on cover to form a solid packing. It is suitable for caulking and general thermal insulation application, with properties of low thermal conductivity. The yarn is reinforced with ASTM grade E-Glass Filament & can withstand very high temperature. This packing is available in various sizes from 6mm to 100mm or above on request.

The Ceramic Fibre Rope is also available in two other variants, namely:

Product Description: This product is made by twisting Ceramic Fiber Bulk yarn. It is very flexible & resilient as compared to Braided Rope. This packing is available in various sizes from 6mm to 50mm or above on requirement. Sizes available from 6mm to 80mm or above on request.

Applications: Suitable for Industrial Furnace door, furnace covers, high temperature pipeline & vessels, expansion joints in buildings & industries, gap between boilers & brickwork, seals for stoves & ovens etc.


Technical Parameters:

Product Description: This Ceramic Fiber Rope With Wire Reinforcement & Graphite Impregnation is braided from Aluminosilicate yarn (Ceramic yarn) reinforced with Inconel wire & impregnated with special lubricant enriched with High Carbon Graphite. It is resistant to very high temperature and is intended to be used for movable components as well. Impregnation of every thread before braiding results in a very high performance packing. This packing is available in various sizes from 6mm to 100mm or above on request.

This packing is recommended for low & medium pressure dynamic applications & for static applications. It can be used in steam, saline, acid & alkali solution except for concentrated ones. It is extremely suitable for rotary kiln’s inlets & outlets.

Technical Parameters:

Product Description: HITECH Ceramic Fiber Cloth & Tape are manufactured from best quality Aluminosilicate (Ceramic) yarn. It is a soft & resilient textile product which finds wide applications in various industries. Our products are resistant to oils, greases & most of the organic acids. It is available with the reinforcement of E-glass filament & Metal wire as per client’s requirement. It is also available with High Temperature Laminate for superior performance.

Suitable for application as fire-resistant curtains, protective clothing, controlled cooling of castings, insulation of gas & steam turbines, welding curtains, cable & fuel line protection, insulation linings, wrapping of exhausts, flange jointing with openings, radiant heat sheets, high temperature gaskets etc.


Technical Parameters:

Product Description:
Braided from Glass Fiber yarns, this rope is available in round as well as square cross-section. Glass Fiber Rope is available with many variants of Glass filament yarns, the usability of which depends upon the application. Moreover, it is available with metal wire inserts as per requirement. Sizes available from 6mm to 80mm or above, on request.

An excellent & economical substitute to asbestos, it can be used for most of the applications where Asbestos rope & packings are used.


Technical Parameters:

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Hi-Tech Sealing & Insulation Industries

Hi-Tech Sealing & Insulation Industries (erstwhile known as "Hi-Tech Asbestos") is situated in the heart of Kolkata, West Bengal (India). We are engaged in the production & distributions of "Hi-Tech" make High Performance Non-Asbestos Gland Packing for "Fluid Sealing" and High Temperature Insulation Products, manufactured from premium quality raw materials.

We have been in this business since 1994 & serving buyers/customers to their utmost satisfaction. We have developed a wide range of products for heat insulation & fluid sealing from different fibers & yarns including Pure Graphite, Expanded Graphite, PTFE, Carbon, Aramid, Novoloid, Acrylic, Ramie, Flax, Glass Fiber, Ceramic etc. We have also developed a host of other packing with the combination of different yarns working in synergy to cater for critical conditions as found in various industries.

Our manufacturing unit in West Bengal is equipped with state-of- the-art machineries with our Quality Management System established by acquiring ISO 9001:2008 certification. With the assistance of our diligent team of experienced technocrats backed by well trained engineers & technicians, we have been able to meet the ever growing demand of our clients. With all our raw materials sourced from renowned manufacturers of the world, we have been capable of carving a niche for ourselves in the industry.

We at "Hi-Tech Sealing & Insulation Industries" strive to find the most effective & efficient solution to our clients requirement by developing customized products in our domain.

We are also exporting to Middle East Countries, African Countries & European Countries.


Hi-Tech Sealing & Insulation IndustriesHi-Tech Sealing & Insulation Industries



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